my 23 and then some commandments

Hannes Grauweihler
2 min readFeb 23, 2022
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don’t write down your goals, much less every day

take it easy every once in a while

go to the public park in your sweatpants

pick up a hobby. I picked surfing

do something you enjoy with your life

live where you want to live

check out the planet, it’s huge

go out in the rain and get wet

don’t join all this ego bullshit

enjoy healthy food. it is good for you and your body will thank you

if you don’t already, learn to love children

pay attention to the sun, the fresh air and the air you breathe

be forgiving. who are you not to forgive?

create the future you like, for you and for everyone around you

have an open mind

smoke some weed

don’t exploit people or the planet

know when enough is enough

accept yourself and who you are

forgive the child within you

forgive your parents

forgive your ex

if you don’t know what the fuck you’re doing, don’t become a politician and attempt to run a country. leave that to people who are qualified and serve all of our interests

learn a foreign language for fun

look at the world with love

have trust. the universe will provide for you

look at the earth. everything is organised so that you can do whatever you want, believe whatever you want. so pick a nice belief

don’t give more to those who already have too much

show some decency

be polite

be yourself but also be mannered. find a nice balance for you

learn to love animals if you don’t already

go see the pyramids and temples of egypt

be nice to children

be nice to the people around you

be nice to the planet

figure out what you actually meant when you said that. then don’t hesitate to correct yourself. communication can be tricky

figure out why you actually feel that way, then try to explain it to the people around you

see the beauty in your preferred gender and the other ones too

accept people, they are trying their best to navigate this planet

have sex as much as you like

accept your body and yourself, no matter how weird it feels

There is nothing wrong with you

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