I No Longer Use Social Networks (Except One) — I Don’t Miss Anything, And You Would Neither

Social networks are too toxic for mankind.

Hannes Grauweihler
7 min readJun 23, 2022
Effects of prolonged exposure to social media [image by author], also this is street art from Athens

Let me avoid clickbait: The one social network, but technically it is an antisocial network, which I still use is LinkedIn.

LinkedIn and how I handle it

I use it for professional reasons since this is where my clients find me. Professional reasons are the only reason I would use these toxic platforms. If you ever find me on Facebook or anything, it would be to promote my business. But in my current business, strategy consulting, thankfully, I only have to deal with LinkedIn and none of the others.

And LinkedIn is bad enough: There is a new category of content emerging on LinkedIn, which I believe is best described as selective virtue-signalling. Some people on this platform make a living teaching people how to create “content” for LinkedIn, including all-time instant classics such as:

  • Our global behemoth company supports LGBTQ — My thoughts: Well, that is great. Why don’t you virtue signal your high minimum wages? Nothing to signal there? How come?
  • Our automobile company is showing off its sustainability — Well, that is great. And to achieve that, your product line consists



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