Step by step up the ladder [Image by Author]

1. Hard work is self-exploitation, not a fast track to the higher realms

One piece of advice you will easily find almost anywhere is to work hard and keep doing it because there will be a pot of gold at the end of that rainbow. In my experience, there is no evidence to support this.

Tear it down and do it again [Image by Author]

When my friend and I launched our startup, we had a massive open flank in our competence landscape. He was a lawyer, and I was a consultant. Our real estate matching algorithm startup had a significant technical component. We needed someone who actually knew how to code.

The search for a CTO

The search was…

The end of the road [Image by Author]

The opportunity

Our startup was a matchmaking tool for landlords and tenants. Our algorithm compared tenant profiles to landlords’ criteria to cut out time wasted on showing the wrong people a flat. On top, a new law had just come into effect, which effectively stipulated that tenants would no longer pay the…

The Czech German border, what a beauty [Image by Author]

Borders are fascinating in a way. They delimit countries, sometimes languages, sometimes ethnic groups. I grew up close to the Danish border on the German side. We would sometimes travel into Denmark, mainly to see Legoland. As we crossed the border, I always paid particular attention to the trees. Did…

The swell and the surf [Image by Author]

I started working as a freelancer in January 2021. I am a strategy consultant and freelancing is not uncommon in my industry, I have done it before. But freelancing remotely was more or less unheard of until the pandemic. …

Berlin — Startup Capital of Germany [Image by Author]

Berlin’s ecosystem

“Dude, we need an investor. Not just anyone, but one who can actually deliver value to our business development efforts.” Seems familiar?

We were in the midst of our pre-seed fundraising efforts. As a startup based in Berlin, we had been navigating the ecosystem for some time and started to…

Stock market analysis

Under water [Image by Author]

(Disclaimer at the end — Not intended to be investment advice)

Let’s dive right in.

Vodafone — 25% loss in 4 months

I bought Vodafone in May 2018 for EUR 2.44 only to sell it in September 2018 for EUR 1.85.

I screwed this one up as I was blinded by the dividend yield of the stock…

Brown coal excavation in Germany, bad for the environment but good for the economy [Image by Author]

When I hear the many voices out there hoping for a return to normal after the pandemic, I disagree massively. We actually made some progress for once in a positive direction — We are not polluting as much. World-Overshoot-Day, as in the day where all resources that regenerate within a…

Hannes Grauweihler

Enjoying the ride since 1985 :) Some satire and some serious stuff

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